Bangladesh Green Building Council (BGBC)


BGBC is a registered non-profit industry organization serving the building industry to promote tenets of sustainable architecture and green building design principles. Bangladesh is the 84th country to have a National GBC. BGBC will promote sustainability of the built environment under the global network of the World Green Building Council.


Goals and Objectives


With depletion of energy sources, the Bangladesh government has urged all concerned entities to better use electricity. Presently, only 33% of the national population are provided with grid based power, but generation falls short of the total demand resulting in frequent black outs.


As the largest delta on the planet, Bangladesh is located at the downstream of the second largest river system in the world, meaning any rise in sea level will cause widespread damage and loss of habitat and human life. As a result, Bangladesh as a nation needs to adopt sustainable principles of design, development and management. To that effect, BGBC promotes sustainability in the building industry of Bangladesh.


BGBC Activities


Our board advisors and affiliates at BGBC have been organizing seminars and workshops as well as classes on energy management, Energy Savings, Water consumption and passive and active solar set ups.


BGBC members and advisors also hold courses on Renewable Energy Technologies especially Solar Energy, and Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPVs) Systems. Most importantly, we offer LEED certifications to building projects. Click here to start the process.



History |People


The council brings together various experts in the field of architecture. It is a dynamic group of industry leaders and pioneers of sustainable architecture both from Bangladesh and Abroad.


Our executive board of advisors and affiliates include National Committee advisors in the field of Renewable Energy to the Ministry of Power and Energy of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, technical specialists of the Renewable Energy Research Centre of Bangladesh, executive board members of Bangladesh Solar Energy Society, professors of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science, Engineering and Architecture. Also on our Advisory Board are former Chiefs of the Capital Development Authority, who plan the cities and architectural Development of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh as well as Heads of the Water and Sewage Authority of Bangladesh. Please contact us for more information.











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